June 7, 2015
A lot of things had happened the last week. I mentioned that my husband and I were in San Francisco. Yes, San Francisco is a lovely city to visit. It was more of a vacation before I start my new job. We did a small amount of site-seeing and did a lot of meetings with a few friends and family. We took the train into the city from the SFO airport. BART is their counterpart of Chicago's CTA. We are very judgmental of the public transportation of a city everytime we travel. I believe that is one of the key factors of being a great city. We don't need cars in a big city. For those who drive, you know very damm well what I am talking about.

While Dan had his first meeting with his friend, I decided to go visit the Fisherman's Wharf. It's not very exciting but it was something to see while killing time. Not that I hate the idea of tourism but I have seen the wharf before. On Thursday, we did see the Asian Art Museum which I thought was very exquisite. Maybe that is because I had never been to or heard of a museum that has a primary focus on Asian art. The Lombard "Crooked" street was unique and I enjoyed walking down this path. San Francisco is very known for its "hilly" living. It's not flat like Chicago or anywhere in the Midwest and the Great Plains. Dan had mentioned to me about why do people want to live on this crooked block especially if you have tourists that stand out front every single day with having the possiblity of a ruccus. I wouldn't want that either.

Later that day, we went to met up with my cousins that live in the Bay area. Lorna and her husband, Jason, and Nathalie— we all had Thai food dinner by the Golden Gate Park. It was great reunion especially seeing Nathalie, whom Daniel adores much so. Her story is that she was taken away from us in Chicago because her immediate family wanted a better living environment. There is a much more detailed story to this but the point is that we finally get to see her again. After dinner, we did visit the Twin Peaks site. People would go there to see an aerial view of San Francisco. Alas the reputation of San Francisco being a very foggy city has surfaced and obstructed the beautiful view. Dang.

Dan Albertson
Dan and Nathalie - Silly craziness 2015.28.06

On Friday, we did go visit the iconic Golden Gate bridge. I have seen pictures but not in-person. Dan and I walked a quarter of the bridge and then turned around and walked back to the San Francisco area. It was quite enjoyable.

Later that night, while Dan has his meeting with another friend of his, I went to Lolinda, a local porteƱian restaurant and bar, to visit my friends from the law school that once I worked at. I was never a law student but I sure did make a lot of friends. Early before the trip, I had asked Lauren Foster Wu about visiting her and her husband, Michael Wu while we were in San Francisco. Lauren had suggested that we all go to Howard Chen's birthday party at Lolinda. I said I would go and that is what happened. I saw Howard and his long-time girlfriend, Esther Kim. Andy Nguyen, Robert Kang, and Liz Jun made their appearances and were in awe and surprise when they saw me. It has been six years since I have seen them. I had a great time with these folks and I wish that I can see them more than just a visit.

We left Saturday morning and arrived in Chicago with a rainy forecast. I say this trip was a great small getaway and it was perfect for only a couple of days. Dan and I realize that we can't stay for more than three days based off our experience. Staying in a place for a long time can be tiring and can wear you out.

The trip was over but a new beginning was starting. I mentioned earlier that I will be started working in a new position with my current employer. I guess that will be a new discussion for a later time. Until then folks, thanks for reading!

May 27, 2015
It was 4:oo a.m. and of course I had woken up very early. Go figure. That's pretty much happening in my life now a days—waking up early. This day is different though. Today the hubby and I needed to be up really early because we needed to catch a 7:00 a.m. flight to San Francisco. Exciting. I haven't been to the west coast in years. What I have planned for this awesome trip is just to relax and deliberately be lazy and just "chill."

As you read this, the text was typed on the aircraft that we are travelling in. Pulling up the MacBook in flight is a good way to pass the time, especially on a four-hour flight. It feels like the flight was dragging especially if you have nothing to do for four hours. The in-flight movie was bland to me. After the first ten minutes of watching MacFarlane, USA, I thought it was boring. Kevin Costner, what a joke. I have nothing against him but as an actor playing a bad-tempered high-school track coach, training a group of young Mexican-Americans... yawn. I will discuss our trip in a future post.

May 24, 2015
I am at the Pannenkoeken Cafe in Chicago having breakfast. My normal route to downtown was closed off because of the annual "Bike the Drive" event that is going on. I woke up this morning and I saw the sunrise again. It was very beautiful.

Today I am updating my website again. I do apologize that my new website is glitchy but I am working on it. The hubby encourages me to invest in web fonts for my website and most likely I will. I didn't realize that they can be so expensive. Like an other component of web design, pieces are needed to be invested in order to have a great build. Font faces or any other typography is created by a human just like me. Of course, if you like it and you want to use it, the cold-hard cash goes the designer. Business 101, I guess.

May 23, 2015
What should I do today? Today I woke up at 6:00 a.m. bright and early. I did see the sunrise upon the lake in my window as I put my slippers. I took a shower and used a couple of Lush handmade cosmetics that I bought last week from the UK. It was nice.

The reason I wake up so early is because I tend to be an early bird. After my nice shower, I dress to get ready to start my day. Today is Saturday so I don't have to work at my full time job. Instead, I will be working on my website. I never work at home because the environment doesn't feel right to be working in. "Home" to me is a place I would need to relax.

Now it is live.

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