Romeo Talento
Romeo Talento
Photo taken by Dan Albertson

If you were to ask me the question, "What do I do?", I would reply with "Where do I begin?". All my life, I have tried to explain to people what I do. The easiest answer is: I do what I do. I have been a web developer and designer for almost seven years now. I have worked with both small businesses and large companies in developing web environments that are examples of superb design while remaining user-friendly. I am also a flying trapeze artist. I have been doing the flying trapeze since 2003.

If you were to ask me the question, "What do you do?", I would reply with, "Where do I begin?". My curiosity has led me, throughout my life, to pursue a variety of activities and professions. I believe in making discoveries and in putting the knowledge that I have acquired to good use in unanticipated ways.

My most recent career is in web development and web design, in which I have been active for the past nine years. I have worked with small businesses and large companies alike, building web environments that exemplify both superb design and ease of navigation. My credo is that a website is useless unless it meets the differing needs of each client.

I am also a flying trapeze artist. I started this hobby a decade ago and my engagement with this exciting sport has gradually grown. I now work part-time for Trapeze School New York.

I was born in Chicago and raised on its north side, where I continue to live. I graduated from DeVry University.

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